Getting the Shot: Tenant Creek Falls

by John Haywood I chose a throwback for this one as it caught my eye as I was going through photos and it inspired me. Tenant Creek Falls forms, as you may have guessed, on Tenant Creek in the Town of Hope. The trail makes its way through the woods until you arrive in nice … Continue reading Getting the Shot: Tenant Creek Falls

Christmas in the Deep Woods

by Justin Crowfox Haner It's that time of year for some Adirondack Christmas stories! Here's a short story written by Justin Crowfox Haner, entitled Christmas in the Deep Woods. You'll find this story and more in our website's Campfire section.

Adirondack Trout and Water Quality

Read the latest article in our Adirondack Environment section by Corrina Parnapy, about Trout and Water Quality. Nature can be rough and rugged, but in the same breath so fragile. In the last few decades the Adirondacks have been making a comeback, from years of unchecked pollution, in the name of the all mighty dollar. … Continue reading Adirondack Trout and Water Quality